Extra Savings Plan - "The Smart Choice"

Heating and cooling systems have a way of breaking down when the weather is at its worst; on the coldest day of a frigid winter, or during a sizzling summer heat wave; times when your comfort system must work the hardest, and when you need it most.

Regular check-ups will help to maximize the life expectancy of your system; unfortunately, even the best maintenance won't prevent normal wear and tear.

We offer a variety of packages to meet our customers' needs:

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Your investment in our extra savings plan includes:

“Front of the Line” Priority Service

Simply stated, as an ESP customer, when you call in for an emergency service need, we come to you before we go to a non-ESP Customer, even if you call in after that customer is on the schedule.

The Most Comprehensive Precision Tune-Up Available

At JD Vigil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we not only spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year training our technicians to be the best in the industry, but we are always looking for better ways to service the equipment in our customers’ homes. It is through this training and research process that we learn the best ways to find potential problems as well as better ways to create efficiencies to save our customer’s more money

No Overtime Service Charges

You will never have to pay an overtime service charge for as long as you remain an ESP Customer, no matter when you may need us. You will always only pay the regular discounted rate.

Discounts of 33% On Repairs

As an ESP Customer, you will receive a 33% discount on repairs that may be needed to your comfort system.

One Year Full Guarantee On Repairs

All repairs are guaranteed for one year. The “industry standard” is 30 to 60 days.

Discounts on Replacement Equipment

When it is time to replace your equipment, as an ESP customer, you will be eligible for discounts on your new system.

Discounts on Accessories and System Add-On’s

When you decide to add accessories to your system to increase your comfort, efficiency, and/or health of your home, you will receive discounts on the items and services.

24 Hour Emergency Service, 365 Days a Year

We will always be there when you need us, period. And don't forget, you will never pay a higher rate when you need us after hours. That’s our commitment to you our valued customer.

Safer and More Efficient Equipment Operation

A gas furnace, if you think about it, is a controlled explosion in your home. You need to have it inspected annually to make sure it is safe for operation. That is why every manufacturer voids their warranty on new equipment if it is not maintained annually. Why take chances with your family's safety? Gas leaks and carbon monoxide can become problems without showing signs until it’s too late. And did you know that a 10% reduction in the air conditioner’s charge can cost 33% more to operate? Without showing signs in its ability to properly cool your home? At JD Vigil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we take the safety and efficiency of your system very seriously.

Find & Correct Problems Before They Become Costly Repairs

Our technicians are trained to understand how things work and not just that they work. With this understanding, they are able to identify problems before they become costly, inconvenient, repairs.

Extended Equipment Life

The single biggest cause of premature failure is lack of maintenance. By having your equipment tuned-up annually, you should be able to expect your system to last long past the “average lifespan.”

Guaranteed One Day Equipment Replacement

Replacing the system in your home is a major undertaking and we understand that. And as a result, we are committed to finishing your system installation in one day.

Inflation Protection

With rising gas prices, steel prices, etc., the cost of business keeps going up. And with the cost of business going up, it’s only logical that our prices will need to go up too. By becoming an ESP customer, you are “locking” your tune-up price in for the term of the agreement, therefore saving yourself even more money!

Immediate Cash Discount Off Today’s Call

By taking advantage of this remarkable program today, you will be qualified to receive the discounted rate on the service and/or maintenance being performed on your system today!

100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

If you are not satisfied with the savings and benefits of this program, we will refund your money to you. There is absolutely no risk!